Primal Dream

Primal dream


Of vivid green

Unraveling its precious core

To the filtered light


Tender disclosures

Under the cover of night

When the forest lay

Awash in light

From a billion

extinguished stars

their dust suspended

in the cobwebs

of time





Inspect the layer

Where no treasure


But moths

Make their nest

In the blind spots

Of memory




In the lair

Where your younger self

Restfully hides

Amused and bemusing

Your next move



Don’t let

The apparent calm

Fool you


A silent swirling

Of vortices

Is boring its way

Into reality




Out of the dreamtime

Stretched between

The branches

Of a genealogical tree

Swooshes the mist

Of uncertitude



The unfathomable DNA

Detected in the spit

Of drifting continents

Whose bridges

Are rupturing

Under the assault

Of the waves


Yet deep in the forest

Lies the restive fern

Spot lit

On the altar

Of vision.


Berkeley, February 2017