Revelation Horizon

The gravity of the situation

Did not allow any light to escape

The deep hole we had dug

Ourselves in


We stood at the edge

Wedged between

Necessity and action

Rippling and undecisive


With the weight of Sisyphus

Inside our inner dimensionalities

Glimpsing the sky for

Archangels with swords of fire


Yet beneath our feet

The ground boiled and shrank

The species turned brown

And shriveled


No horsemen appeared

On the revelation horizon

Only weary encampments

High noons of the fragmented

World masquerading as

Cardinal points of doom.


Pina Piccolo, June 13, 2024


Cover image: Edal Anton Lefterov – Own work

Old Orthodox Apocalipse Wall-painting from medieval Osogovo Monastery, Republic of Macedonia