Inching upward, water


stealth, unbeknownst to herself

she felt like a spiral

up-whirling from

her umbilical cord

implanted deep in the planet

where the burning

hot core

had driven her


all those eons ago


she burst the dams

the harbors,  the beach resorts

the long ago

sunken city of Baia

with all the marble goddesses

the temples, the gardens

turned to coral


she inched upward

to meet the skinny branches of rivers

with their mangroves and alligators

where the volcanoes vent

the lava from that earth’s

umbilical core that had

long ago rejected her



as she unfurled herself

into the asana of opening

herself from strictures

of fissures

she ran amock

on the surface to rule upground

no longer stealth

but in a wealth of oxygen

and chlorophyl

finally playing her symphony

of greens and blues.



From a dream, March 2, 2024


Cover image: Photo by Andreas Solaro/AFP via Getty Images.