Neuralink, the monkeys and the hive mind


only the terminal monkeys in Lab 2 G
were known to have tried to raise
their hairy hand for Neuralink,
the missing trait d’union
between the spine and its health


their dormant limb with its ghost feeling
continued to vault from branch
to branch in that withering Selva Lacandona
of the mind still plugged in the hive
vying with their cousins for the canopy


oh, how did their monkey mind grumble
as a sudden, disembodied urge drove their limbs
-an unexpected revenant
had come acalling yet, for the life
of them, they couldn’t locate its eery source


they didn’t even feel it, assured the technician
never having been entangled in  the cousins’ hive
hence unable to witness them plummet
from the grace of a mossy Guanacaste
down to the ignorant dust of the Sapiens.


Pina Piccolo, Jan. 31 2024

Cover image: Thelmadatter – Own work, File:HowlerMonkeyYaxchilan01, JPG, created: 18 April 2011.