The Moss and the Mind


how will you find the lost cities

of a  forsaken species

whose theory of mind evaporated

and settled in the moss

on the topmost canopy

as the hand-held external brain

was on its way to fuse

with the organic self?


no X marks the spot

on a cartography of grief

that no Lidar technology can assist

nor myth nor storytelling

to unfurl the thread

out of the labyrinth

of our own making – us builders of cities

surrounded by the walls of our Cyclopic egos


hanging to dry on the line of progress

is the bedraggled being that emerged

we can’t tell whether

from water or land

and took to straightening

its vertebrae all the way from its sacrum

to better gaze at the sky

for a quivering point of light that night after night

would appear and move in an expected pattern

a star to which you could attach a story

or that you could connect to another

and discover a beautiful picture in your mind’s eye

that maybe others like you could see too

as you lifted your eyes from the forest floor

beyond the moss that

had settled on the topmost

canopy, a furry cover against the cold.


Benicia, Jan. 14, 2024