Dream Sequence I: The Eye of Vengeance

Recording  the afterlife of dreams that I think are echoing Charon, the heat wave that has struck southern Europe and other places of the world since mid July.  Experts are already proffering their suggestions on how to live with climate change despair, how to tame it, mark my words, I give it six months and it will be included in the DSM-5  and the ICD-10

Dream Sequence I:
The Eye of Vengeance


Is a brooding vortex

That nothing forgets

And everything amasses


When critical mass

Is reached

There is no

Batting of the lid

No astigmatism

That can alter

Its knifely focus



It separates the flaps

Exposes and sinks

With no mercy

Nor grief


May you never

Fall within

Its cross-hairs

It spares nothing

Nor can it be contained.


Pina Piccolo, 30 July, 2023


Cover image from Freepik