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In praise of invisibility

In praise of invisibility


Its rays crouching and climbing

stealthily through the cracks

− thin, crooked lines that let the light in

making its way mysteriously

The ultimate undetected anti-brand

as the decibel of silence cracks possibility


Lend me, Oh Muse.

Thy invisibility cloak,

as the Sturm und Drang

the bling bling and fanfare

and the national anthem blare

Wildly buoyed by the wave of power

intricate patterns cresting in foam

as the carnival careens

into the global town


Praise be to the momentarily

silent and invisible

boring its way through

the thick crust

magnificently exploding

when you least expect it

− its aroma wafting through the land


Pina Piccolo, 25 March 2021. Dispatch #3,  thinking of Dante, Ferlinghetti, Leonard Cohen and the current predicaments of poetry and translation.