It’s not the oxytocin


It’s not the oxytocin


“Monogamous rodents
don’t need love molecule
to pair up”

Smugly convened the latest issue

Of a peer reviewed journal

Written by men in white coats

Haunting the halls

Of synthetic knowledge

Spying upon cages

Of cuddly, bewildered prairie voles

Whose nemesis are ferrets, weasels

Otters and minks

The latter’s plight being that they are prone

To host the  jumping of viruses between species

Amassed as they are by the thousands

In confined spaces to provide

Raw materials for mink coats

Creating a blight for those

Slippery to the touch, uncuddly

Humans with their gold lined

Central nervous systems

And Viagra on the longest wanted

Fugitive’s night stand


Pina Piccolo, 27 January 2023


Cover image: Photo by Todd H Ahem, Emory university “Vole family”