Kyiv: In the Shards of Twilight – Pina Piccolo

Kyiv: The Shards of Twilight



May you never experience

The brimstone of history

Raining upon you

From a past that hardens

Enveloping like amber

Around that insect

Of human misdeeds

Preserving trauma

For the seventh generation

And serving it afresh

In places and dishes

Both unknown and expected.


May you find a fractal star

Beaming a cleansing light

To clear a path for the tender feet

Of babies and donkeys

And caravans seeking a silky way

Out of planetary conundrums.


May you plummet

Amid the tendrils

Of the blessed vine

And continue your journey

In a raft floating

On the waters

Of miracles and wonders.


Pina Piccolo, 6 March 2022


Cover image: Painting by Ukrainian artist Serhii Vasylkivsky. Bottom image, photo by Pina Piccolo