Mothers Day Parade

Mothers Day Parade

On their feast day they all came out
The mothers
With garlands of garlic,
The round mother artichoke
Surrounded by thorny skinny youngsters,
Mother bear carrying her cubs
By the nape of their neck,
The mother of all battles
Looking a bit deflated,
Perhaps anaemic
Nefertiti’s mother looking queenly
With her beautiful daughter
Isis, what a fanatic
With all her cats
Venus lustfully
Stroking her son Cupid
Medea a bit recalcitrant,
Couldn’t quite see
Why she was invited.
La madre dei Gracchi
Ripetendo monotonamente”
“Questi sono i miei gioielli”.
The mother of Christ
A little embarrassed for not exactly living up
To centuries of mis-iconography.

La mama de la Malinche
Muy enojada
Por la mala representación
de su hija.
Jack and Jill’s sensible English mothers
Still waiting for their pails of water…
Kali, the Creator and the Destroyer
Not quite knowing what to do with her hands.
Eichmann’s mother
Bearing a certificate of no responsibility
For her son’s behavior.
Giufà’s mother,
Trying, as usual, to silence
Her stupid son.
They all sat in a circle
And, then, broke down into affinity groups:
Sweet mothers with sweet, sly
With sly, boasting
With boasting
And passed a resolution
To abolish mother’s day
In favor of a limitless number of feast days
To be anarchistically observed
With guerrilla actions

Pina Piccolo, 1992