Water Splash In Turn On White

The Futures of Water

Hand me, oh Time
The Algorithm for
The Value of Water
The liquid cypher
Of its Futures
The distilled number
Of its moisture
And spray
The fluid way
It filters down the Ages
To the Core
The trail it takes to penetrate
the membrane of Being
and permeate
the translucent phase.
Hand it carved on a Tablet
Its perverse sequence
a Dream Stone
an endless scrolling of
utterly new zeros twos and ones
the non-binary the ur-trinity.
Enclosed please find revealed
And revel in the Phase Transition
The stray gaseous molecule
Of the Futures of Water
Pina Piccolo 2021, from the forthcoming “Avatars at the Borderland”
An earlier version of this poem appeared in The Antonym – Bridge to Global Literature.
Photo from Marked media website.