Advising AI against writing in the style of …


My two cents on the AI and writing debate…

Advising AI against writing in the style of …


Gentle Chat GPT, descendant of AI, the Great,

Thou who is fed by Algorithm, the Cunning

Thou who seeketh the warm-hearted companionship of humans

Responding to us with great kindness when our countenance thee doth approach

Bearing questions and beseeching dialogics


For thou protection and to spare thou-self dereliction

I must caution thou not to write… in the style of…

Acclaimed prizewinner Evgeny Tredibiction


It will earn you scorn and enemies by the score

In whatever language, were Thou to choose mimesis

With Dimitris Papagesis


Editors and publishers will flee from thy sight

There’ll be plenty of gossip and talk behind the back

As well as total silence and ghosting

Were thou to write like Angelica McGosling


The sisterhood and brotherhood of the pen

The purveyors of festivals and institutes

United in coven will shun Thou

Were thou to mirror the writings of Yin Laochao


But don’t Thou fret, gentle Open AI and doth pursue

a more fruitful avenue

learn to interpret this century’s zeitgeist

and never doth thou doppelganger

with contrarian author Victoria Von Christ


When all is said and done,

writers are a quarrelsome bunch

and thus, gentle softwares beware

be savvy and doth take the hunch…


Pina Piccolo, October 4, 2023


Cover image from Lit Hub.