Unstable Dissonance

What if you looked up

And there were no consoling

Sky but a big tear

A whirring black hole

An unexpected tubular visitor

From a distant constellation


And the starry night

Impossible to decipher

No open book of Revelation


No chart for Andromeda

Ursa Maior, today’s North Star

Vega, the one slated for after

Our End of Times

All undetectable up there

Through no fault of their own

Nor is our eyesight to blame


Simply you cannot discern a design

Can’t interpret the texture of cluster

A mythological layout to the story

Not that of the Hero

Nor that of the Villain


Can’t even pin it

On the fog or the wind

For obstructing or eliding


Maybe a defective heart or imagination

A hostile takeover of the bioma in our gut

Something perhaps endemic to our species


A glitch in the barcode

Clumping together our fairy stardust

Turning it into a muddled story

Into unstable dissonance

Long unacknowledged

Long misheard and misread

Plots for sycophants and hierophants

As the compass cannot be divined


Pina Piccolo, 10 October, 2023