We’d better listen to our better angels

We’d better listen

To our better angels

As they urge us

To quit suspending our disbelief

And grasp the incandescent

Heart of mercy

By its frayed edges


No tree of knowledge

Has sprouted a sturdy trunk

Nor are its fruits to be plucked



No Rapture Ready Index

To provide us numbers

Nor are our ears prompted

To receive the wisdom

Of the octopus


We have taken our moral compass

On procession

But it fails to point

To any known direction


Yet we can’t glance back

Lest we turn to salt

Never see the light of day

Nor Eurydice’s sweet face

Nor a certain innocence of this Age



And ahead the path

Is brimming with thorns

The traps about to trigger

As we falter and hold.


October 19,2023


Cover image: Galaxy from the James Webb telescope.