Me and my “Where is the wind blowing?” app

In turbulent, muddy times

More than a compass

You need an app

To tell you

Where the wind is blowing


Get yourself aligned

To the zeitgeist of the Age

Learn where it is best

To rest your eyes

And avert the sight

Of blood flowing

In all its might

and dependence on gravity


Learn where it is convenient

To position yourself

For maximum net gain

Of the pet cause you sustain


The app has a function

To exercise your breath

So you can yell

The loudest slogans

And turn your ear deaf

To the arguments of the other


The app has a button

You can click

And it will seamlessly

Cut through pesky

Layers of complexity

Sediments of history

It will wipe clean the trauma

And vaporize the enemy


It will offer a clean slate

Where you can start anew

And create your preferred worlds

All atop your favorite words

Your castles with foundation of clay

That’ll survive yet another day


As the earth spews its hurricanes

Of winds no app can forecast

To clear its bothersome guests

Who go on dehumanizing and devising

Scales of suffering and unrest

Leaving us all debased and aghast.


Pina Piccolo, 2 November 2023