The nursemaid’s lament for the chimeric monkey

and when the kind-hearted lab technician

afflicted by disturbed dreams

could no longer stand to hear the chattering teeth

of the green-eyed chimeric monkey


could no longer bear to witness its grasping for breath

belaboredly, a creature chimerically suited to the

turbid, turbulent times, its avatar sitting

highest on the totem pole as the wood worms

gnaw on its base, undistinguishable

from the fate of its makers


she gently reached for the needle, aspirated

the accurately labeled clear liquid

but then decided it needed a more ceremonious

sendoff from a world that had summoned its

existence for its convenience and was ready

to effortlessly discard it, with nary a thought


she reached for the canned poetry vial

where Sappho had been mixed with Neruda

and Hikmet with Rumi, Holderlin

centrifuged it with Li Qingzhao

added 30 cc to the sweet deadly liquid


looked in the chimera’s trusting green eyes

was embarrassed to pet it,  with one arm hugged it

and with the other gave it a shot


“Safe journey sweet chimera of my doleful heart

may we meet again as caring brethren

in the Y dimension once we cross

the threshold where the portal

opens upon a meadow of lilies and residual flowers

and we skip hand in hand

in the miracle of a planet

where everything breathes as one.”


November 10, 2023