Angel’s Monday – Pina Piccolo


What did that nameless Angel really say

That Monday

When the women approached the cave

Teary eyed

Bearing herbs and balm?


Did the being of light speak of an amazing

Rekindling of life to be announced

Joyfully far and wide across the land?


Or did the pensive

Winged creature

Look them

In their wide-open eye


And rant that this wasn’t the last

Mighty crime to be committed

By the offspring of Adam and Eve


That cursed species would persevere

Down through the centuries

In maiming and snuffing

Life in its manifold forms

Til the Earth lay barren

And awaste


It would invent evermore

Deadly devices and apply

Its intelligence

Apply its art

Apply its heart and soul

To thoroughly destroying the Garden


Outraged the women

Picked up sticks and stones

And chased away the Being

Bearing such news of darkness



Together they concocted a story

Settling on what they believed

A better version

Of the facts present

And future

Hoping it would hold water

That at least some of its beauty

Would leave a mark.


Pina Piccolo, Angel’s Monday 2022