Be callous, grow a callus – Pina Piccolo

Be callous, grow a callus

Forge a shield

around your heart


Don’t let

those inconvenient bodies

occupy space

in your evidence-doubting



oh, you won’t be

fooled once again

you won’t fall

for double standards


since the entire truth

cannot be known

and images can be fabricated

and you find some

of the cultural


of the alleged victims


are eager o believe the worst

about all of them


better they die a soundless

death, over there

far away

don’t disturb

the ideologies

in the coffin

of your long-expired youth


why don’t they just

give up?

They know they are



and can’t win

(our Resistance was different:

the Allies’ Boots were on the ground

the war was declared

and we could win)


Besides, if left alive

kids can grow

to be happy,

even if an ogre

is at the helm.


Let me pull out my rainbow
peace flag

and wave it into the wind

No need to even find

an appropriate Embassy

Wars are every where

so why target one in in particular


And plus being a person of Letters

you should make sure

no one targets and offends

the great works of yesteryear

Those are the ones

that count and nourish

the human soul

and merit

the wagging of your tongue


Not those alleged bodies

in their alleged ruins

(it’s The War, Baby!)

Killed by who knows which

of those militarist

males bent on disturbing

your summer plans

your rosy prospects

of conflictless future

unkneaded by that blood

by those tears.


Pina Piccolo  8 April 2022