but after a brief workout and some running, the coati was safely contained.

As was all that had gone into hiding

And had been smoked out or forced from its burrow

By hunger or excess water


Contained after showing up on the porch

Looking for the mercy of a crumb

And then smelling that it was not going to be


But too late! astonishment had set the net into motion

San Antonio was not extending his intercession

To the coati’s existence or residence


No! to wild things coming from the South

Hence containment then observation

Then return to where the wild things


Are supposed to dwell – away from transnational

Modernity where the amoeba of synthetic reality

Is allowed to expand or shrink at will near the well



Anti-didactic exercise #1 inspired by description in this article https://www.fox13memphis.com/news/trending/illegally-owned-exotic-animal-rescued-san-antonio-home/TO62BFD7YRHJTLJJA4P5H4S7IE/