The Afflicted Souls Café: Part II Pascal and Me_ Or Dredging up Dread…

Pascal and Me_ Or Dredging up Dread..


While waiting in the cashier’s line

At The Golden Bear’s Bookshop

Piles of UC course catalogues

Beckoned to me with

The promise of a shiny new language

With its armor of Imperative-structured

Paradigm, with scalars and arrays

Nested procedure en-abyme

Subroutines that would give way

To UNIX and C++

Perfection and objectivity

No shadow or aftertaste

To linger dis-satisfied

On the organ of communication


But having stuffed my ears with cotton candy

I could not hear their dread-filled siren song

And undeterred proceeded to wrangle

With my two main beastly lingual

Human interface systems forever

At odds with each other

Insulting their respective

Shortcomings and flaws

Forever accused by Others of faltering

Accents uncommon lexical

Choices, each utterance

Redlined and submitted to Inquisition

No disquisition ever harmonious

Never to be She of the Golden Tongue

So pardon me if I now sit

drowning my rathers

At The afflicted Souls Cafè

Seeking solace in the absinthe

Of the permanently misplaced

Lost Never to Be Found.



Pina Piccolo,  01/12 /2023 under the influence of Novocaine