Dear would-be hacker(s) from Batam

Dear would-be hacker(s) from Batam,


Though you might be surprised to see this letter from me addressed to you in my blog that you have been attempting to hack for the past 8 months now, be assured that I am writing to you  (whomever you may be, one or multiple) without malice, with the best of intentions, out of curiosity and now concern, given the Covid-19 situation in your country.


I know very little about Indonesia, though the country has been a source of interest for me perhaps for the wrong, exoticist reasons. In reading about Batam, (which Google Analytics informs me is the place you are trying to hack me from), I have learned that its environment and demographics are like a foretaste of what the rest of the world is headed to become in not too distant a future.  So in a way you are trying to hack this insignificant blog, originating in a godforsaken European town stuck at least 40 years behind the times, with an aging population that has mostly lost its moral compass, from a niche in a temporal tomorrow, I don’t know for what kind of gain.



Let it be known to you that you are attempting to hack a Boomer who has been spinning her intellectual wheels for decades now, trying to find a place in which she may feel a modicum of comradery. Somehow I was intrigued by the Facebook group  that I imagine you to be associated with. Even its name gives me a sense that you have been able to develop accomplices and a sense of common purpose. May you use it well, because the times are dire and getting direr (I have been told I have catastrophist tendencies).


I imagine you to be between 14 and 24 years of age, you could be male or female or non-binary, but I surmise you must a person or persons of great perseverance. I wonder if you use Google translate to understand what the articles are about or if you just go in the code section looking for some weak spot you can infiltrate.


If you actually are a blog reader who just happens to live in Batam, I extend my deepest apologies, and hope that your systematic and perseverant reading has yielded some illumination. I am increasingly realizing how much in the dark I am about things which I was convinced to be knowledgeable about, but sincerely hope not to go to the dark side, as Star Wars fans used to say.


Anyway, happy trails to you, go to the beach instead. Please take an old woman’s advice and  direct your efforts to the Military Industrial Complex rather than to a flailing literary experiment.



Pina Piccolo