Ghost language – The sound of 2020

Tonight I am feeling the same uneasy sense of the impending unknown I felt in 2020, though I hope I am mistaken. Anyway at that time I recorded it in my unpublished manuscript “Avatars in the Borderlands” and iI would like to share it here now.


The sound of 2020


It’s like hearing a ghost language

Not an echo

Nor a buzz

But an absence

A failed cadence

That flickers


To remind you that not all

Can be dissected

Or expressed

In a tamed

Form of being

Dressed up for the grand

ball of knowability


It’s like the frozen


Of a park

That witnesses

The arrival

Of an army

Of bulldozers

And chainsaws:


All the birds have leapt

And flown away

And the worms

Burrowing underground

Suspect that something is

Seriously awry


It’s a brazen

Tone of bracing

Absence of sound

The language of dread

The communication

Of  the broken link

Of the vessel that has

Shattered into shards


Pina Piccolo 30 October