Praise Be To Our Guiding Cactus Star – October’s Poem


Praise Be To Our Guiding Cactus Star


The template of days

Rising and setting

By the discipline of planetary batons

Now remotely sensing
A foreboding of ill tides

Islands cracking with fire

Icy winds whipping the farther shores

Herds of humans drowned in mud

The bison feels it

In its bones
The dromedary’s shadow

Straying in the sand

The mouths of babes

Spewing acid rain

All hangs

By the thinnest of threads

May it soon be the cord

That hangs the ill will

Of those bent on destruction

May their dispatch be hasty

And the autumn of our discontent

Witness the untimely blooming

Of  a guiding cactus star

Entangling us to the entrails

Of an earth we are unknown to be.


Pina Piccolo, 18 October 2022