What the prevailing winds disclosed

What the prevailing winds disclosed

for baby Aya


What the prevailing winds disclosed:

That a thick fog had surrounded

Brains, muscles and hearts in their multitudes

And they had all surrendered

While pretending to take sides;

That foolishness outweighed

The wisdom of those about

To face the executioner’s knife;

That our confidence was ill positioned

And our misplaced hubris dominant

Over the land and the sea and the skies;

That a rebel baby

Buried deep beneath

The rubble of our civilizations

Could yield the loudest cry

Against our deadly course of despair;

That unbeknownst to most

She had blown the shofar

To disarticulate a fortress

Of malevolent deeds

And their attending words;

That an angel from chaos

Untainted and undaunted

With her eyes unblinded to signs

Led, robustly swimming

Against the stream of time.


Pina Piccolo, 14 February 2023